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Works from the “Structured Space” series

The sculptural works are built from stratified layers of structured metal and glass. Their form harks back to elementary architectural and layout principles as observed in the works of the Renaissance sculptor Donatello. His celebrated efforts in terms of creating deep spaces with the aid of shallow bass-relief served as the main inspiration for the creation of the sculptures from the aforementioned series.

The sculptures explore the characteristics of our residence in non-uniform spaces, and the often perplexing and varied understandings of our relationships to such spaces. They exist at a crossroads that lies between genuine shapes and forms, and those merely suggested by the sculptures’ imaginative illusory evocations. The mirroring effect of their glass surfaces; their juxtaposing of flat planes and dimensionality, stemming from a stratified mesh of metal; and the accompanying enigmatic walls of glass, draw observers in to a variegated world, which serves as a parable of sorts on our own domestic spaces, and also on the fragility and fleetingness of our lives.


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