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Zde?ka Fusková is one of the students who is pernametly working with the history of the place.

This concept was based two years ago when she wanted to do memorial object for the dissapeard landscape close to her home. Since that time are existing few objects from the glass which are in the cooperation with the light.

The works which are represented in Bochum are cracked glass pieces organized into the wood shapes. After the cracking are pieces sticked back together. Fusková is using transparency and the thickness of the glass for the reflection on the wall or floor. With this technique, she builds another point of the view, where we can see untouched shapes of the transparency.

Her compositions are landscapes with fallen trees. That is the copy of the reality. The forest which was behind her house is gone. It has to dissapear because of the road construction.  This fact is making her objects more personal and sensitive.


Ateliér Design skla: MgA. Zde?ka Fusková

Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlín? / Fakulta multimediálních komunikací / Ateliér Design skla